The copy-cat sibling

My sister and I are incredibly close, not many siblings are as close as we are – she’s my favourite person in the world. But, there’s one thing she does that really aggravates me…

We’ll talk about a funny memory of mine as a child, which she’ll say was her. I’ll say I want a particular thing, she’ll say she wants it and always wanted it – it winds me up! Recently, there has been another example of the copy-cat sibling. And I’ll be 100% honest with you, the pettiness is real with this one.

Most girls, gays and (some) straight men have thought about their wedding day. There are those who just know they’d like to get married in the future, whilst others no the month they’d like to get married, whether they’d like a large or intimate wedding and even the place they’d like to get married to their partner. I am the latter. I’m aware of which month I’d like to get married, the place I’d like to get married and the setting.

I’d like to get married to the love of my life (yet to be found) in the month of May or June and I’d ideally like to get married in Cornwall.



At the weddings that I’ve attended, I’ve noticed that people are always incredibly judgemental when it comes to the food that’s being served, so for my wedding, I’d like it to be as chilled as possible. Which is why I wouldn’t ever want a sit-down meal, because you just can’t please everybody. Therefore, I’ve always wanted a festival type wedding. I’d book lots of funky bohemian styled trucks that would serve different types of food: Pizzas, Fajitas, Fish and Chips, Chicken Wings, Curly fries, Waffles, Ice Cream, Crepes – all sorts of fun festival style foods. And let’s not forget alcohol! There would be beer vans, prosecco carts and gin carts too. It’ll be such a fun and easy day.

My mum, sister and I were sat waiting for the bingo to begin, whilst waiting, we were discussing weddings. I told my sister and mum about the type of wedding I wanted. Now, I’m well aware that this type of wedding has been done before, I’m not stupid. But, I turned to my sister and told her to not steal my idea – I know what she’s like! Clearly, she did not like that, as she told me that nobody would marry me anyway, which is true, but still harsh!

So, let’s fast-forward to a month after we had this conversation. My sister attended a wedding, which struck up a conversation between her and her partner and they began discussing their wedding. After this conversation between my sister and her boyfriend, I receive the following message:

‘I want an ‘out-doorsy, festivaly, care-free shindig’. So, I was thinking like different themes: Mexican, pizza/pasta, fish and chips, pancakes and icecream!!’


Like I predicted, the bitch stole my future wedding. She even had the cheek to say that she had always wanted it. She walked me around the CHURCH her and her ex were going to get married in – don’t kid yourself! I was having none of it, I kept going until she admitted that she stole my idea. What is even more annoying is that she’ll get married before me, because the gays aren’t aware of what loyalty means, so I’ll be single forever more.

I’m wishing complete and utter bad karma on her big day, whenever that may be. I hope it rains, a bird shits on her face and her Fiancé comes out as a gay man who voted for Brexit, is in favour of Trump and likes to have sex with dogs. And, to all those reading this who’ll be on the guest list to my sister’s future wedding, please know that her wedding is a fraud. It’s stolen from me and she doesn’t deserve your praise as it was originally meant to be my wedding – her wedding is a crime of complete theft.

Many thanks xoxox

Do you and your siblings always copy one another? Let me know!


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