I’m with Dorco

I’m with Dorco

Being a sensitive-skinned and baby-faced little man, I often have issues when it comes to facial hair. 

I don’t tend to shave often because whenever I do shave, I bleed a lot, and the next morning I’ll breakout with these crazy shaving rashes – they are not cute! I have to smother myself in Sudocrem, which seems to be the only thing that calms my inflamed skin. For those of you who have used Sudocrem, it’s the thickest cream, so it’s not subtle – it’s a stay inside the house situation! Therefore, I always stick to patchy, barely there stubble – it’s a look! It’s just easier for all involved. 

This (thank god) has changed since being introduced to Razor’s by Dorco. Dorco provides expert razors and has introduced their products to the UK. 

The blades are so delicate on my skin which leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh – without the irritation. When shaving it slides effortlessly through my stubble, unlike others I’ve used where it feels like the hair is being ripped from the skin. And I didn’t bleed – I’m sold! 

I used Dorco’s PACE 6 Plus. The box contains six ultra-sharp blades, a fine trimmer blade and a non-slip handle combined to bring you an exceptionally close, smooth shave – it did exactly what it said on the box! 

If you’re sensitive-skinned or simply looking for a new razor to leave your skin feeling smooth and irritation free, you should try Dorco. 

Struggling to give yourself the perfect shave? 

Here are Dorco’s top tips:

1 – The right preparation: 

Shaving will always be easier when your skin is moist and warm – pat your face with a hot, damp towel to help soften your stubble. Try to carry out general maintenance every day, such as daily exfoliating, to help condition your skin to be less susceptible to shaving irritation. It’s important to take your time; rush the shave and you will just damage your skin.

2 – The right timing: 

Despite being considered a morning task, it can be beneficial to shave in the evening, particularly after a hot shower. That way you’re not in a rush and you can dedicate the time and care to making your shave extra smooth.

3 – The right tools:

The tools you use are hugely important. Luckily for you, we’re experts in this and after 60 years of shaving innovation, we’ve got you covered.

4 – The right technique: 

Take your time and don’t cut corners. Shaving against the grain might save time in the short term, but it leads to shaving irritation, ingrown hairs and bumps in the skin. Pressing down too much won’t catch the hairs, pressing too much will cut you. Try not to shave over the same area again and again, as this is generally the most-recognised cause of razor burn. Rinse your razor frequently, at least every few strokes, under hot water, to remove any build-up of shave gel and hair. Rinse the blade thoroughly before you put it away and give it a shake to dry. Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water and apply a post-shaving balm or moisturiser to sooth redness. This is particularly important for people with sensitive skin, for whom redness is very difficult to avoid no matter what.

Follow Dorco’s top tips alongside their PACE 6 Plus and you’ll end up with baby-smooth skin. I just hope that you don’t look like a prepubescent 11-year old boy – because I do! 

Happy shaving! I know it will be for me – I’m with Dorco.


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