Three Scents for Christmas


Since it’s Christmas, and aftershave is always a great gift to buy a friend or loved one – I thought I would list my top three favourite scents to provide you with the perfect Christmas gift inspiration. If you’re a last-minute shopper, or like me and pretty much only buy yourself gifts at Christmas, these are (in my opinion) the very best scents. I’d also like to point out, since moving to London and having to face the tubes every morning – people smell. So if you’re a tube user, here is an investment for you!


Intuition – Estée Lauder

“I’ve never smelt anything quite like this aftershave.”


Intuition is a incredibly manly yet sweet, soft and inviting scent. Granted, it isn’t the most long lasting of scents, but it has always left a lasting impression on me. I’ve never smelt anything quite like this aftershave, it’s described as a “magnetic fragrance with a dynamic, masculine clarity blended with modern sense of nature. It’s ultra sensual: an oriental blend with freshness and brisk spices”. It would be the perfect gift for somebody looking for a subtle scent to wear on a day-to-day basis – I’ve worn intuition since I was 15. A great addition to your aftershave collection. Priced at £57 – I think this is a reasonable price considering the product lasts a long time.

Sauvage – Dior

“Let’s not lie to ourselves with this aftershave – it’s gorgeous.”



Sauvage, French for wild had to be on my top three scents. Let’s not lie to ourselves with this aftershave – it’s gorgeous. With Sauvage being such a beautiful scent, everybody has purchased the aftershave. On my morning commutes to work, a man will walk past me and I instantly recognise that they’re wearing Sauvage. If you like to be different, and have things that others do not, this isn’t the scent for you. Sauvage is described as “an act of creation inspired by wide-open spaces. An ozone blue sky sprawled above a rocky landscape, white-hot beneath the desert sun”. With this aftershave, you only need around two sprays and you’re smelling amazing for the entire day – It’s long-lasting. At £52 a bottle, this aftershave is well worth the price.

Jo Malone – Birch and Black Pepper

“Jo Malone’s Birch and Black Pepper – wow.”



Birch and Black Pepper – wow. This is a recent purchase and I love this aftershave. I met my flatmate for a drink, I could smell the nicest aftershave and I (quite literally) sniffed around to search for who was wearing this beautiful aftershave. Turns out it was Jo Malone’s Birch and Black Pepper. This is by fair the most expensive aftershave out of the three, but it is so worth it – you pay for labels. I plan to only wear this aftershave on special occasions. This aftershave is described as, “a scent of contrasts. Black pepper and cardamom add a cool spiciness, layered with smoky birch. An accord of magnetic ink juxtaposed with the smooth warmth of gurjum. A surprising, sensual scent. Individual, audacious, stylish”. Birch and Black Pepper can only be bought in certain Jo Malone stories, I bought mine from the Jo Malone store in Regent Street, London. At £94, it is expensive, but I cannot wait to wear it over the Christmas period.


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