Review: Bourne & Hollingsworth

A fellow blogger recommended I visit Bourne and Hollingsworth near Farringdon station.


“I was excited by its Instagram worthy setting.”


When researching into the restaurant I was excited by its Instagram worthy setting. The menu had some fantastic options, without being inundated with choices – I hate when a menu has too many options, I find it overbearing.

We arrived half an hour early and waited a long time to be seen due to the door host dealing with another member. When finished, it was the customer that apologised for the wait, the door host just looked at us as though we were a nuisance. On first appearance, the restaurant wasn’t as picturesque as it seemed from the pictures, but it was still pretty.

We sat at the bar and ordered two cocktails, the Red Dear – the cocktail of the month and the Cimarrón, both beautifully presented and satisfying in taste.


Red Deer £10

Glenfiddich whisky, strawberry liqueur, fresh lemon, sage and a homemade beetroot syrup.

Cimarrón £10
Tequila, Aperol, rhubarb syrup, lime, maté tea


“The door host was a little rude”


Firstly, I’d like to point out that I have previously worked in hospitality for years, I understand when I receive bad service for genuine reason, at the same time, I know when it is just bad service. We went back to the door host at the time I had booked the table for – we ended up waiting for 10 minutes. The door host was a little rude, we weren’t hassling or asking how much longer – we simply waited. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he was new to the job, or doesn’t deal with minor stress well. We were then told that the manager was moving our table and was just re-setting – absolutely fine.

I’d have expected the table we were originally booked on was still being used. As we walked through to the restaurant, there was one other table occupied who had been sat 2 minutes prior to Craig and I being shown to our table. We were sat on the worst table, there were people constantly walking in and out of the bar downstairs and hitting the back of my chair. Whilst this was happening, nobody had given us menus… we sat without a menu for 15 minutes. The waiters and managers were all setting up tables for the evening. This may be a matter of opinion, but I’d always put the current customer first and at least make sure they had a menu to look at. This amount of time seems to last a lifetime when you’re in a restaurant.

Whilst we continued to wait, Craig and I were being entertained by the three girls sat behind us. One of the three ladies was sharing her “brilliant” new idea for an app. Let me paint the scene – three young, posh girls, all drinking a bottle of champagne. One girl revelling in the fact she has the next best thing for the app world. She continued to divulge information on said app. This app will allow you to buy a food shop for a homeless person from any major shop e.g Sainsbury’s. Once you have paid for the food shop with this remarkable app, it will then alert a homeless person on their app to let them know they have been bought food.

I could be wrong here guys, but I’ve never seen any homeless person have access to a fucking Nokia 360, let alone a phone that allows apps! She ended it by saying “I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet! It’s so simple.”

Posh people really haven’t got a clue – I commend her commitment to help the homeless, but there is a serious flaw in her plan.

During this time of listening to the ramblings of an idiot, the waitress came over to offer menus. I asked to move tables as I wasn’t happy with constantly being hit in the back of the head – It wasn’t a problem, we were moved with limited fuss. From here, our service was a lot better and our waitress was very attentive.

For starters, we shared a selection of fresh bread rolls, which were warm and well buttered. I ordered the braised lamb, roasted salsify, parsnip puree and wild mushrooms. Craig chose the slow cooked red wine beef, creamed potato with smoked bacon sprout tops. The food came quickly and I have to say, it made up for the bad first impression. The meat was tender, chips crunchy and the potatoes had the perfect amount of crisp – faultless.

The bill came to £116 – it was nice food, but the location is a little out of the way, I had higher expectations, so I probably wouldn’t return.


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