T2: Joy 2 the Wild. The Christmas Collection

Christmas is fast approaching…


There is something so enchanting about this time of year – winter. The rain has lost the ambient autumn temperature in exchange for frosty delights. You’re immersed into a beautiful darkness,  a crisp chill that no matter how cold, you’re warmed by the feeling that Christmas is near.

This year, T2 has given me my festive cheer.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to T2’s blogger/influencer event for their Christmas Campaign on the 7th November, meaning I will be warmed by T2’s ‘Joy 2 the Wild‘ Christmas collection of teas. They really had something big brewing (how puny). I had the opportunity to sample each tea and choose which one was my favourite. The chosen tea would then be gift wrapped alongside a gift and I would be taking it home with me. Being the greedy person I am, one just didn’t cut it, I couldn’t decide between two, so I took them both! If you can’t be greedy at Christmas, when can you? Am I right?

Let’s take a look at the collection:

This collection personifies Christmas down to a tea (Another pun, just too witty). Collectively, these teas are jam packed with festive flavours. Ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and much, much more.

I have to give special mentions to two of the teas –  Mulled Wine Magic and Choc Molton Marvel. I know so many people that would adore these two teas.

The Mulled Wine Magic is such a festive flavour, who doesn’t love a mulled wine at Christmas? I recommended this to my partner, Craig, as soon as I tasted it. It has such a kick to it and you really taste the flavours.

The Choc Molten Marvel is super smooth and creamy, the perfect texture and taste for Christmas time. It tasted exactly like Baileys. Which I recommended to my University housemate, Hannah. She would drink Baileys all the time – whilst cuddled up on the couch, writing an essay, watching Grey’s Anatomy, breakfast… (kidding). Hannah would LOVE this tea and so would so many others.

My favourite teas from T2’s Christmas Collection, Joy 2 the Wild.

Paradise Punch:

When discussing the Christmas collection with other bloggers at the event, many said they were not a fan of fruit flavoured teas. I am not in agreement with this opinion. I love fruit teas. Paradise Punch was instantly my favourite. I bought this tea alongside the Christmas Breakfast, choosing Christmas Breakfast as my gift.

I was surprised that I loved this tea as much as I did, normally I am not a fan of anything that has banana flavouring, I find it completely overshadows the other flavours. This wasn’t the case with Paradise Punch. This tea is rich in flavour and the banana flavouring isn’t overbearing, overall the tea is sweet and delicate. Paradise Punch has replaced T2’s ‘Beauty Queen’ as my new favourite tea.

Want to know the ingredients?

Apple, rosehip shells, banana chips, beetroot, natural flavouring, strawberries, peach bits, blueberries, sunflower petals, cornflower petals.

I highly recommend this tea to everyone. I will be sipping on this tea over the winter months.



Christmas Breakfast: 

Living in London, I am on the go all the time. Unlike most, I pride sleep over my appearance and get ready in a matter of minutes. I rush out of my flat to catch my train and don’t have time to sit on the sofa and have a cup of tea. This is what is so brilliant about the Christmas Breakfast tea, I can throw my tea bag into my travel flask and enjoy my morning cuppa on the train. Time saving and I get to enjoy a fantastic cup of tea on the go.

Want to know the ingredients?

Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, natural and artificial flavouring, vanilla and nutmeg

When I tasted this tea, I tasted Christmas – so many festive flavours incorporated into one beautiful drink. This gingerbread brew is delicious. When reading the ingredients, I thought it would be sickly, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, I found it to be moreish. I want to wake up every morning whilst in the Christmas months and have this be the first thing I taste. For those who love beautiful packaging, the Christmas Breakfast packaging is a starry-eyed dream. It gave me my Christmas cheer.

The T2’s Christmas collection of tea’s was impressive. When attending the event, it got me into the festive cheer and I loved T2’s collection of teas. Go out into the wild and collect your favourite from these perfect tasting teas – they will send you spiralling into the Christmas Spirit.

Merry Christmas, ‘Joy 2 the Wild’, and have yourself a wild Christmas.


Take a look at pictures from T2’s Blogger/Influencer event:



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