Blur that Blemish

My post’s are becoming a tad predictable… it’s another product by Deciem, the abnormal skincare company. When you’re obsessed, you’re obsessed.

This product caught my eye on Deciem’s Instagram account. The product, HA Blur, is marketed to blur pores and imperfections on the skin. Deciem believe that there isn’t a product out there like it, due to being amazingly compatible with all makeup. The products promotes plump skin, hydration, pore minimisation and blurs out imperfections.

I have used this product for the last six days. Firstly, I am not crazy about using scented products on my face, with that being said, this product smells incredible. The texture is a little thick for my taste, but, not disastrous.

I am impressed with the way HA Blur minimised my pores. It definitely had an effect on the suppleness of my skin and it made me look less tired. I am predicting this product to be a quick fix rather than a long term skin problem solver, but, I am happy to eat my words. When reading the product directions, I was intrigued when reading that you could add the product after your foundation. I used its sister companies serum foundation, meaning the two should have gelled well together. I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. I had to wash my face and start over. It made the foundation look cakey and felt heavy on the skin, which I hate.

Overall, I would purchase this product again. I don’t believe it is worth £19, and, I wouldn’t ever apply again after foundation… but, it does a fantastic job of being a quick fix for tired skin and blemishes. My favourite primer is still Dr Brandt. It is £10 more expensive than HA Blur, but, it leaves your skin feeling irresistible and ready for makeup.


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