Gimme that Glow!

It isn’t a secret that I haven’t got beautifully clear skin. It’s right on my face, everybody can see. I can’t exactly lie about it. They haven’t invented an Instagram filter for life (yet).

When life gets that little bit stressful, my skin will break out, and, it will happen quickly. With stress comes lack of sleep, missed gym sessions and comfort eating. All these things promote spots and tired looking skin to occur. I do everything in my power to try to control my breakouts and prevent my skin from looking bland. Unfortunately, at times, it cannot be helped.

If being an acne sufferer wasn’t bad enough, I also have pale skin. With being pale, I can easily look tired and washed out. My skin often looks like I have been a crack whore for the past year… not a hot look, unless you’re Johnny Depp. I have dark circles and generally tired looking skin. I have used self-tanners, sun beds and spray tans. Self-tanners, I am streaky, orange and stink. Sun beds, they’re just dangerous. Spray tans, I am a fan, but, the broke arsed bitch that I am can only afford them on special occasions.

I haven’t been subtle when praising The Ordinary skincare line. The line is by Deciem, the abnormal beauty company. The Ordinary has a sister company, Hylamide.

Hylamide have recently launched a product, Glow, that targets skin dullness, uneven tones and lacklustre skin. The product acts as a booster which creates a radiant backdrop to the skin while a fast-acting keto-sugar builds a golden glow within 2-3 days.

Having pale skin that is plagued by acne sores and redness, I have been waiting for a product like this to become available. It is £2o, a little more expensive than The Ordinary’s products, but, it is serum based, meaning it is long lasting. I have high hopes for this product. I cannot wait to show you before and after results and let you know whether it is worthy of the hype and buying! Watch this space…


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