Richmond: The Next Chapter…

Last year, I gave myself a goal of living in London and landing a new job. Somehow, I have managed both.

I have recently moved to Richmond and have instantly fallen in love with the area. The busy London streets can be somewhat daunting, yet, Richmond is that little bit calmer.

Walking through the little side streets, past the glorious smells from the bakeries, the quaint bars and the independent clothing shops, Richmond provides a perfectly picturesque peacefulness. I believe I’ll be happy here.

On my stroll around the area, I ventured to the riverside. I noticed that you can hire a boat for an hour. Recently, Craig told me he thinks he’ll die by drowning, because he can’t swim. PERFECT. Our next date day will be on a dingy little boat. We’ll be floating down the river, whilst I shake the boat and make Craig piss his pants a little. What a perfect date! Of course, Craig will be sporting around eight life-jackets, the big girl.

After spending time strolling down the riverside, I found myself walking through Richmond Market, sampling gluten free cakes, enchiladas and fudge. As I walked around Richmond, I kept thinking, Craig will love it here. Yes, it is London and Craig doesn’t have a love for the city like I do, yet, Richmond is that little bit calmer. I cannot wait for Craig to visit, and get him on a little boat trip (HA!). Stay tuned.

There is something so liberating about being in your 20s and moving out of your parents home, being completely on your own, not having to answer to anybody, or tell them where you’re going. You’re back to bring a full blown adult. You feel free, whilst living like an absolute peasant… as I write, my flatmate and I are sat with an ironing board as a table, eating our dinner. The luxury is too much. You have to laugh.

I am excited for this chapter in my life. Let the games begin, as I fight to survive in the beautiful city of London and it’s enormous prices. Wish me luck!


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