I’ve taught him well.

Two years ago, when Craig and I first started dating, his wardrobe consisted of three things, tight t-shirts, jeans and boots. There was nothing else.

I’ve noticed him taking note of what I wear and how I put my outfits together. Craig isn’t into fashion, unlike me, he chooses to feel comfortable over looking good.

We were going to dinner for my birthday, in a 5 star hotel resort in the middle of the jungle. He chose his own outfit (although, he always sends me pictures of things he would like to buy, then asks if I approve. I’m not sure why he does this, but, he’s cute.) I was in shock when he sent me this one. I was pissed because I wanted to buy these trousers for myself. It was something I would wear. HE IS LEARNING!

He looks so handsome! Boyfriend goals right there!

Want to shop Craig’s look?

Shirt: Topman

Trousers: Asos

Shoes: River Island


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