Good Afternoon,

Today is my 24th birthday. Honestly, I’m still pissed off that I’m no longer a teen and that I’m no longer at university, living the student life. Life is tough…

I’m shocked that I’m 24, I still feel 19. Time goes so quickly! You’re told by your parents that time goes so quickly, I’m definitely realising the truth to that statement.

With that being said, I’ve woken up in a 5 star hotel, in Bali, whilst watching my gorgeous boyfriend dance around, naked in front of me. He truly has one gorgeous bottom. I am very happy with life. I am surrounded by complete luxury, waiters bringing me cocktails, infinity pool, buffet food, huge bath. I cannot think of anything better, best birthday yet.

As I lay in bed, I’m contemplating my 23rd year of living. I don’t think I have done too badly. I managed to get a new job in social media. I started my own blog page, (I’m really enjoying the creative writing and imagery the blog entails. I’m so passionate about it, it’s made life more exciting.) I’ve made plans to move out of my parents house and into my friends flat, in London, (I’ve wanted to live in London since I was a little boy. I cannot obtain my excitement.) I have savings. My boyfriend and I are still together, 2 years on. In all, I’m doing well!

I think many people have a habit, myself included, of comparing themselves to others and what others have managed to achieve. I am guilty of this. It’s time to start being proud of myself, my drive and my achievements. I’ll be honest, I lack confidence. I often do not realise that I am quite talented and I need to shout about it. This is my goal for my 24th year on earth. Believe in myself and my abilities.

I plan on progressing in my career, making something of my blog, I want it to thrive. Enjoying myself more and telling Craig how special he is more often. I am bloody moody and such a handful. Poor Craig, he handles it so well. I couldn’t have met a man that handles my mood swings better. I love him, he will be told this so much more.

Happy birthday to me!


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