Pretty in Print

I love a good shopping trip by myself. I ventured into Oxford Street, I wanted to buy some clothes for Bali.

Walking into Zara, I’ll be honest, I love the clothes on their website, but, their clothes in the stores are always disappointing. It is rare that I find an item I like. With that being said, on this shopping trip, I found a beautiful print shirt. Completely Bali appropriate. This is one of my favourite purchases that I’ve bought. It’s such an eye-catching shirt. I was drawn to it as soon as I saw it! I see so many Instagram fashion blogger tagging Zara, whilst wearing the most amazing outfit. Yet, I can never find anything I like whilst in their stores. These bloggers are not UK based, maybe it is the UK Zara stores that are letting me down! Alas, this shirt is beautiful and I want to wear it all day everyday!

Want it for yourself?

Print shirt: Zara


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