The Little Willies


(The Little Willies is the title because we lived on William Road at University… personal joke!)

University are the best years of your life. You start the process by being shoved randomly into a flat with complete strangers and you’re forced to get to know each other and get along.

Fortunately, I was put with the biggest group of weirdos and I love them for it. Of course, not everybody got along. I was next door to a guy that was homophobic, he felt the need to voice his opinion to everybody when I wasn’t around. This was my first taste of homophobia. I was incredibly lucky, the rest of the flatmates thought he was an absolute dick and all came together to tell me and that they did not agree with his bigotry views.

I have to admit, I’d never had hung around with this group at school, we were all so different. This is what I loved about them. We spent an amazing three years together, investing heavily into each others lives – the relationships, the heart-break, family troubles, drunken behaviour, stress-crying and our favourite pass-time, tea and chats. We did it all.

What you’re not told, nor do you think about, is that your university days are numbered. You either stay where you are or move home. These people you spent many years with are now scattered around the country. You’re broke and cannot afford to visit them because you can’t get a bloody job, not to mention there are so many of you, finding a day that everybody can do is so difficult. You see them once a year, twice at best. At least technology is bloody brilliant, our group chat is hilarious. I miss them everyday.

It’s Bank Holiday and today we have organised to meet one another, obviously everyone couldn’t come, but, the majority can make it. I am excited to see my bunch of weirdos.

The Coppa Club, in Tower Hill, was our chosen destination. For London, the drinks on the menu were reasonable and the food was pleasurable. The location was a sun trap, perfect for the beautiful August bank holiday. It was such a picturesque location, we would definitely return.


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