Tea Tree

Every Sunday night, I love to steam my face… to get rid of the bad decisions I made on the weekend. The greasy foods and alcohol. As I have mentioned, I suffer from bad skin. Steaming my face has many benefits. To steam my face I use tea tree toner tab, from Lush. I love the smell that erupts when the tab enters the water. I steam my face before bed, it helps after a hectic weekend to de-stress. Steaming your face before your bedtime skin care regime ables your skin to take to your nighttime regime better.

Why steam your face?

  • Cleansing. The heat from the steam softens your skin and aids in removing impurities and bacteria from the pores. It also help tackle buildup, softens blackheads and whitehead plugs so they become released from the skin.
  • Circulation. A face steam helps your blood vessels to dilate, improving blood flow. The blood oxygenates skin. Good circulation heightens your skins complexion.
  • Hydration. Steam hydrates.  The moisture from the heat revives tired looking skin and helps support the way your skin benefits from your skin care regime, meaning your skin will be left beautifully supple.
  • Stress. Steaming instantly makes your think about the way you are breathing, the aromatherapy and smells creates a relaxing and soothing environment for both the body and mind.
  • Natural glow. The heightened blood circulation means your skin is hydrated, giving a healthy glow. Hello beautiful skin!

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