My Fashion Fail

My Fashion Fail

We have all had our fair share of fashion disasters, not everybody is going to love everything you wear. Fashion is subjective, one persons taste is another’s disgrace.

Last month, I had somewhat of a wedding outfit disaster at my Uncle’s wedding. The wedding was held in a beautiful manor house, in Kent. The grounds were beautiful. Being the broke arsed bitch I am, I bought my outfit in the January sales, six months before the wedding day. Bargain, am I right?

Of course, the outfit would be much better suited for a winter wedding. The affluent fashionista in me was crying, whilst my bank balance was downing champagne and caviar. Alas, I thought I still looked good. I was giving Great Gatsby realness, with my swept over waves, waist jacket and bow tie. Unfortunately, I come from a family that aren’t afraid to share their opinions… basically they’re a bunch of bastards.

My Nan’s batshit crazy brother (who I’ve never met before) told me my outfit made me look like I had horrendous dandruff – brilliant. If that wasn’t bad enough, my uncle’s new wife, whom I’ve only met once, delivered the killer of all beat downs. I congratulated the newly married couple and told them it was a wonderful service. She responded by telling me I had done a great job and thanked me. She thought I was a bloody waiter. From there, I got incredibly pissed!

Here is the outfit…

Comment below, tell me about your fashion fails!

Not overly horrendous, right? Wrong.



  1. Forest Garfinkel
    April 17, 2018 / 4:35 am

    I think I see where they are coming from. Nice smile though.

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