Brighton: Where to go

Brighton: Where to go

Brighton, the English seaside resort town, packed with amusements, arcades and it’s pebbled beach. The area boasts many pubs, clubs and unique restaurants to cater for the energetic crowds that are attracted. Craig and I visit Brighton every August for our anniversary and always have a great time. This year we visited some great places. I’d like to share them with you!

Below, I have llisted the places that we visited, loved and will return to:


This was a must-visit destination for Craig and I. Choccywoccydoodah’s was where Craig asked me to be his boyfriend. The establishment is very popular with locals and tourists, with its unique chocolate on offer, as well as the upstairs cafe. They do not take reservations, meaning you have to visit and put yourself on their waiting list. Luckily, the manager was able to squeeze us in. We sat and read through the menu, having just been to Brighton Burgers, we were full, we just ordered drinks.

The cafe is small and somewhat cramped, but, it’s darkly gothic vibe allures its visitor. Siting in the comfortable sofa chair, it’s like having tea at your grandmas house (if she is a gothic, 20s loving spinster).

Craig chose the espresso shake and I opted for a mint flavoured hot chocolate. It was quite honestly, one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had. Incredibly rich, I did leave and on the walk home, I was scared to open my mouth, incase vomit erupted. Totally worth it – delicious.


Metrodeco Tea-Salon

A wonderfully eccentric 1930s tea-salon. We reserved a table and was escorted to our own couch and table. The tea-salon is quaint and funky. We pre-ordered the prosecco afternoon tea, it did not disappoint. When choosing anything on the menu, naturally, I am drawn to the campest sounding thing, I feel safer that way. This is why I chose the ‘Prink Pride’ tea, with its flamboyant charm and colourful character. The tea was described as a ‘delicate combination of the most exclusive white tea and fragrant rose petals’. My second tea of choice was the ‘Minty Matcha’. This particular tea was my favourite, it did not lack in taste and was moorish.

The food provided was delicious, I am not ashamed to admit, we devoured the lot, in an impressingly short amount of time. The offerings were not too much and not too little, just right. Call us Goldilocks!


Cream cheese, cucumber, black pepper Salmon and dill with lemon
Brie and onion marmalade
Ham and tomato relish

Quiche from Senza


Fruit tart, Macaroons from Real Patisserie,

Marshmallow from
Mrs Millar’s Marvellous Mallows


Unlimited pots of tea selected from our very own range of blends.


Freshly baked scones served with jam from Paynes bee farm and clotted cream


Brighton Burger

The best burger I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. Brighton Burger is a little shack with 4 to 5 outside tables. I strongly recommend going to Brighton Burger for lunch. Craig opted for the ‘Smokey Mountain’, a beef burger topped with smoked pork, smoked cheddar and onion rings, sat on raspberry jam, red onion, tomato, dill pickles and burger sauce. He ate it in a matter of seconds, it was quite impressive. I chose the ‘Tennessee Terror’ a burger that is topped with chipotle glazed pulled pork and chorizo, topped with cheddar, sat on mayo, lettuce, red onion and peppers. It was succulent and flavoursome. I haven’t made Craig aware yet, but, we will be returning every year for our anniversary, until he croaks it and Ill go on my own. If all the tables are occupied you can order a takeaway and eat it on the beach. Look at these bloody beauties…

Cocktail Shack

A fun little bar hidden in a Brighton townhouse. Serving creative cocktails that are sure to allure its drinker. My drink of choice was the ‘Danny Dorito’. This particular cocktail was made up of jalepeno lunazul, tequila, pineapple shrub and escubac. This cocktail is not for the faint hearted. It is SPICY. I loved it, it was unusual and had a real kick. I do love tequila! The Cocktail Shack is a must visit destination for your afternoon drinks. Great atmosphere and even better beverages. Danny Dorito – how puny!


What a place. Craig and I booked into Plateau last minute – we were still full from our burgers. Our original booking couldn’t accommodate us at a later time, so, we cancelled and booked into Plateau. I am so glad we changed. Craig and I felt like we were abroad. We had a window seat, the service was second to none and the food was simply gorgeous. The meal came to £110, but, we had wine, champagne (we were celebrating after all!) and great food. Craig and I chose (the house, we’re not ballers) red wine and a dish to share. We chose the Crispy lamb belly, seared pork loin and friend chicken and a side of cheesy chips (we anticipated we’d need drunk food early on, we’re intelligent like that).

If you’re in Brighton, I recommend you visit all of these places. They’re bloody brilliant.


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