Brighton Stay

As you know, Craig and I travel to Brighton, each year, for our anniversary. Usually we stay in the same hotel, but, it was incredibly expensive this year. Therefore, we relied on AirBnB and found a gem of an apartment.

We chose to stay in a cool two-story studio flat; 10 minutes from the city centre. A great cosy base from which to explore Brighton. The flat was both adorable and quaint. The upstairs kitchen had lots of natural light, that led downstairs to a cosy open-plan bedroom with a double-bed and an en-suite bathroom. As we entered, piano music was playing from the speakers, giving a romantic welcome.

The bathroom offered luxurious shampoos, body wash and moisturisers, which we thought were a great touch, Craig and I always forget to bring those sorts of things. The apartment was lovely, stylish and clean. It was also situated in a quiet area, (as quiet as it can be with in Brighton, seagulls aren’t the nicest of sounds!) close to the great bars and restaurants.

If you’re planning on having a few drinks, be careful on the stairs, they’re very steep and you can easily fall arse-over-tit, if you aren’t careful. The shower was also somewhat of an annoyance. The shower head was situated too close to the opening doors, meaning the water flooded the bathroom floor. Extra cleaning is never on my list of fun pastimes!

Apart form these two things, we would definitely return to this little apartment. We would recommend to those who are traveling to Brighton for a weekend.




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